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The area is full of history and legends, being a privileged spot in terms of archaeological and palaeological finds. The County Archaeology Museum of Banyoles houses prehistoric fossils, major finds from the Prehistoric Cave Park in Serinyà and materials and tools from Iberian, Roman, Visigoth, mediaeval and modern culture. Ancient monuments still preserved today may be visited in the surrounding areas of Banyoles.
Bosc de Can Ginebreda-Museu d'escultures eròtiques
Town: Porqueres
Can Ginebreda forest is a unique exceptional place. It is an open-air museum where artist Xicu Cabanyes shows his sculptures.
Parc de les Coves Prehistòriques de Serinyà
Town: Serinyà
This area is made up of several shelters or open caves in a travertine rock talus with the most important being fitted for visits.
Església de Santa Maria de Porqueres
Town: Porqueres
The church of Santa Maria de Porqueres, known almost by all, is the most emblematic and important Romanesque monument in the Pla de l’Estany, and one of the most standout in Catalonia.
Parc Neolític de la Draga
Town: Banyoles
La Draga is the only prehistoric lake settlement on the Iberian Peninsula.
Monestir de Sant Esteve
Town: Banyoles
The first document that makes reference to the existence of the monastery is dated on year 822. In this, an authorization of the earl Odiló de Girona to work in a "place desert that is called Baniolas" is quoted. The foundation of the monastery is dated before 812.
Vila romana de Vilauba
Town: Camós
Several Roman villas are preserved in the Pla de l’Estany area. The best-known, however, is Vilauba which was discovered in 1932 and has been systematically excavated from 1978 to the present.
Museu arqueològic comarcal de Banyoles
Town: Banyoles
The County Archaeology Museum of Banyoles (MACB) holds major archaeology and palaeontology collections from the Pla de l’Estany.
Volta a l'estany amb la Tirona
Town: Banyoles
Museu Darder. Espai d' interpretació de l'Estany
Town: Banyoles
The Darder Natural History Museum was founded in 1916 thanks to the donation the Barcelona-born vet and taxidermist Francesc Darder i Llimona made from his private collection.

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