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What to do?

Discover the natural spots with the lake as a standout space. There are also many other beautiful natural areas with gentle gradients and colourful landscapes: rivers, brooks, pools, forests and mountains.
Bosc de Can Ginebreda-Museu d'escultures eròtiques
Town: Porqueres
Can Ginebreda forest is a unique exceptional place. It is an open-air museum where artist Xicu Cabanyes shows his sculptures.
La platja d'Espolla
Town: Fontcoberta
In the Usall Martís plain, to the north of Banyoles and alongside the Melianta development (Fontcoberta) is the intermittent lake of Espolla, also known as Playa de Espolla or Espolla beach.
El camí de les centrals
Town: Serinyà
This is a 4 km trail surrounded by a holm oak and pine forest on one side and by riverside vegetation on the other, accompanied by the winding River Ser in the municipal area of Serinyà and, further along, the River Fluvià.
Les Estunes
Town: Porqueres
Its origins lie in large past earthquakes. The limestone forms cracks which, like large passageways, may be experienced on foot. Some run to 30 metres in length.
El molí de Roca
Town: Sant Miquel de Campmajor
This mediaeval flour mill takes advantage of water power from the natural waterfall on the River Ser. The artificial canal taking water to the mill may also be seen.
L'estany de Banyoles
Town: Banyoles
The Estany de Banyoles is an ecologically valuable area with the lake system comprising the most important karstic structure in the country and its scientific value being recognised around the world.
El Saltant d'Espolla
Town: Esponellà
The Espolla canal runs through the plain to the far north of the Pla de Martís and, upon arriving in Martís de Baix, forms the Small and Large Espolla or Martís Waterfalls.
Lloguer de barques de rems de passeig
Town: Banyoles
Els desmais i el paratge del Vilar
Town: Banyoles
The Desmais (weeping willows) make for an ideal landscape to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Estany de Banyoles. The leaning trees with the branches brushing the water and the two fountains – El Ferro and La Filosa – make this a very pleasant spot to wander around, mainly in summer, in the much appreciated shade of the trees.
Recs de Banyoles
Town: Banyoles
The Benedictine monks channelled the waters from the lake in the 9th century to achieve fertile areas for crops and waterfalls to move hydraulic wheels. The canals are a stretch of nature with a very special and rich ecology.
Estanyol del Vilar
Town: Banyoles
The Banyoles lake basin is a living phenomenon. From its origins, and throughout the years, it has given rise to the formation of small pools making up the lacustrine phenomenon. The Estanyol del Vilar is the largest and one of the most analysed by scientists.
Volta a l'estany amb la Tirona
Town: Banyoles
La font Pudosa
Town: Banyoles
Pudosa Spring contains water with healing properties. It dates from 1419 and from the 19th century until the mid-20th it was a spa with visitors coming from all around.

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