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From the lake to the "Les Estunes" forest

La font Pudosa
Address: Passeig de la Puda
Zip Code: 17820
Town: Banyoles

The Pudosa Spring is first referenced in 1419 in a document explaining that a monk from the Monastery had owned a field neighbouring a spring called Pudosa Spring.

It is known that there was a Pudosa Spring Canal before the 16th century but the healing properties of the water were not discovered until the 18th century. From then on, the sick have regularly come in search of a cure.

The spa was built towards the mid-19th century and became a top tourist attraction in Banyoles, remaining open until the 1950s.


Getting here:  City center. Passeig de la Font Pudosa.

CCPE - Banyoles
Tel. 972 58 32 58