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Vila romana de Vilauba
Address: Ctra. de Pujarnol
Zip Code: 17834
Town: Camós

The villa was founded at the beginning of the 1st century A.D. and remained in use during the Roman and Visigoth period until the 7th century A.D., when it was peacefully abandoned before the Moorish conquest.

Nowadays, it is the best evidence of the Romanisation of the Pla de l’Estany area.  Apart from subsistence farming and livestock, villa life in the final stages seems to have been specially given over to industrial production of oil – a plentiful product sold in the region and nearby areas. 

The Museu Arqueològic Comarcal (County Archaeology Museum) houses different ceramic styles from the Roman and Visigoth period: from table pieces (sigillates) to common glasses for food and storage (jugs, pots, amphorae, etc.). There is also a selection of bronze and iron objects, as well as some coins from a small Vilauba treasure. On a natural slant, there is also a reproduction of the Vilauba family chapel (lararium) with three bronze figures representing the gods Lar, Mercury and Fortuna.



Horary:  During spring and summer weekends there are several free guided tours. For more information: Phone 972.58.34.70/972.57.55.73

Getting here:  The Vilauba villa is located next to the road running from Banyoles to Pujarnol.

CCPE - Banyoles
Tel. 972 58 32 58