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Parc Neolític de la Draga
Address: Parc Neolític de la Draga
Zip Code: 17820
Town: Banyoles
Telephone: 972 57 23 61
Fax: 972 57 59 61

 The 317 cabin posts and the 8 wooden objects found, recovered from under the water, place it on a par with the mythic Neolithic settlements in the Alpine region.

La Draga (Banyoles) settlement was discovered in April 1990 and belongs to the old Neolithic – dating back over 7,000 years. According to drilling and digs, the settlement was 10,000 m2, 1,000 m2 remaining submerged under the lake.

La Draga settlement is the only Neolithic lake settlement on the Iberian Peninsula, comparable to those found in the Alps but dating from further back. 

The exceptional nature of the settlements lies in the rich finds and their state of conservation since discovery.

As the finds have been tools and whole – not broken – pots, like most other settlements, La Draga has become a referent within Europe.

This settlement provides a more global vision of the Neolithic period as, for example, not only have flint arrow tips been found, but the whole arrow as well.



Horary:  Saturdays at 12.00 am and 6.00pm. Sundays at 12.00 am.

Getting here:  The settlement is located in the central area of the Estany de Banyoles, right on the narrow stretch in the small spot, 30 metres from the water in a low-lying area just 173 metres above sea level.

CCPE - Banyoles
Tel. 972 58 32 58