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Typical Products


Natural products


Have you come across the famous Banyoles tortada? It is an emblematic sweet – a sponge with a tradition stretching back over 150 years. There are other products closely linked to the region: honey, pumpkin and garlic are the stars at three of the most important gastronomic fairs held in the area. You may purchase these products at local markets and shops. We also recommend you try them cooked at their best in local restaurants.


Tortada is an original typical sweet from Banyoles – an extremely light sponge made from almonds, eggs and sugar. It is baked in a round French mould shaped like an uneven crown. Once baked, it is covered in icing sugar. You must try it!


A typical Banyoles sweet. These small long and narrow sponge slices are covered in sugar and have a slightly lemony flavour.

Rocs de l'Estany

Typical sweets from Banyoles. They were created in 1989 by Dídac Lirio in commemoration of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games when Banyoles was an Olympic venue. They are gift-wrapped in cake shops.


Collected since prehistoric times, honey has always been a magnificent source of energy. In Crespià, they are great specialists in extracting it and the annual Honey Festival is held there. The ‘polyfloral’ variety is produced there. Honey has many therapeutic and gastronomic uses. Check the What’s On section to see which weekend to book for a visit.


Pumpkins are a very healthy nutritious food characterised by their diversity and the beauty of the varieties. It comes in many shapes, colours and sizes. Magnificent and exuberant – who would think there were so many types? To find our more about them and try some, you need to head to Esponellà where the annual Pumpkin Festival is held. Check the What’s On section to see which day it falls on this year.


Garlic is a bulbous root with many medicinal and antiseptic properties. It originates in Asia but is presently grown around the world. They really know how to grown, preserve, string and cook it in Cornellà de Terri. In fact, there is a festival dedicated to it every year: the Garlic Fair: Would you like to come this year? Or next?


Banyolins are a type of kidney bean typical to the Banyoles area. They can be found at markets in the region and also in restaurants, where they are used in a large selection of dishes.


You may try many other quality artisan produce in the Pla de l’Estany: meats and sausages, cheeses, garden vegetables (beans, peas, root vegetables, peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, cabbages, spinach, cauliflowers), all kinds of fruit, poultry products and top quality eggs. They are seasonal products you can find at markets and in shops around the region.

Some typical dishes

Duck with figs, snails a la llauna (pan-baked), mountain rice, stuffed potatoes, stewed forest rabbit, pork cheeks, cuttlefish with meatballs, snails with octopus, stews, different roasts, etc. Everything is extremely tasty and healthy!.


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