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Pastisseria Boadella -TORTADA D'AMETLLA
Address: C/ Porta dels Turers, 9
Zip Code: 17820
Town: Banyoles
Telephone: 972 57 05 15
Fax: 972 57 05 15

Although producing many top-quality products, the main Pastelería Boadella product is the local almond cake TORTADA DE ALMENDRA DE BANYOLES®. The in-house exclusive recipe originated with the founder in 1846 and was recognised by the 1988 Chamber of Commerce and the 2002 Generalitat of Catalonia Regional Government Awards. It is an almond-, egg-, and sugar-based sponge baked in a French mould with an uneven crown shape. Once baked, it is covered in icing sugar. All products are solely made in an artisan and natural way.

CCPE - Banyoles
Tel. 972 58 32 58